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HYDRAULIC PRESS REFURBISHMENT We Can Overhaul Fully Refurbish or just clean and tidy up your Hydraulic Press to your specific needs or budget.

We Can Suppy, Repair or Refurbish most makes of Hydraulic Pumps & valves.


POWERPACKS & HYDRAULIC SYSTEMS We Can Design, Manufacture & install Hydraulic Powerpacks or complete Systems to suit your requirements. We can also Overhaul your existing Powerpack or System.

'In fact whatever whatever your Hydraulic requirement please feel free to call us on 0845 3649535
Whatever your requirements we can help

Whatever your requirements we can help As specialists of Towler products we recommend that pumps should be checked for wear and tear at lease every 5 years. Sooner if becoming Noisy or working a heavy duty production cycles. Most Towler products are extremely durable and will give a good life. Overhaul of pumps will extend the life and bring pumps back to near new performance. And catching individual worn parts of the pump before the pump becomes beyond repair is a good cost saving exercise on replacement pumps and lost production.

Hydraulic press reconditioning, from cleaning and tidying to full refurbishment, is available should this be required. Inspection of any prospective machine prior to purchase and consultancy services are also available at reasonable rates and in complete confidence.

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We are Towler repair specialists and have an intimate knowledge of Towler hydraulic equipment & keep an array of new and refurbished parts in stock. We can usually turn around Towler Hydraulics repairs very quickly & carry out repairs Worldwide.


We can Supply or Repair VOAC/Volvo hydraulic Pumps & Motors

We keep a good selection of parts in stock including hard to come by obsolete items.

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TRADE COUNTER - HOSES We Can Manufacture ' While you wait' Hydraulic Hoses in 2 wire, 4 wire, R7 Thermoplastic or PTFE Stainless Steel overbraided.

In our Trade counter We also Stock:-

Holmbury Quick release couplings
H.P. & L.P. Ball valves
Compression fittings
Hydraulic Steel tube & Pipe clamps
Hydraulic adaptors
Hydraulic filters & elements
Oils & Lubricants
Pressure gauges
Air hose.